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Our Unique Services

  • Ballistic Dynamics is uniquely qualified to offer numerous firearms-related services. 

  • We are a federally licensed and insured firearms business, so you can trust our professional, safe, and knowledgeable staff.

  • Please review our list of services below and then contact us to make an appointment. 




Our training is specifically tailored to those who plan to, or already carry a firearm daily for self defense. Serious training for serious shooters is what we provide. There is an enormous responsibility that comes with carrying a gun legally in public. We will prepare you and ensure you have a high level of proficiency. 


Our focus is on the PRACTICAL employment of the concealed carry firearm for everyday, law-abiding citizens. We offer formal classes as well as "maintenance" sessions to keep your skills sharp. Please see our offered classes below:


- Armed Citizen's Basic Course


- Armed Citizen's Advanced Course


- Home Defense Course


- Monthly Pistol Drill Sessions 




Houses of worship are increasingly being targeted by those who wish to do harm to groups with opposing view points. We have years of experience serving on church security teams as well as establishing protective measures in worship centers. Our consulting services will provide the initial assessment, and suggested protocols for your leadership to establish the appropriate program to respond to an emergency. We also provide initial briefings to stakeholders, recommended qualifications, and a proposed training program. We cover all aspects of security, to include the suggested administrative processes. We do not provide security services, we empower YOU to develop a program to be your own defender.


Many surviving spouses are left with the burdensome task of figuring out what to do with a deceased loved one's firearms. There are multiple options available if the desire is to remove the firearm collection from the home. We also offer appraisals if you want to insure and keep the firearms. Let us help guide you through this process. We will provide you with the information necessary to make the right decision for your situation. ​



Are you exploring the options available for your personal defense? Did you know that not all options include a firearm? How you protect yourself is not a one size fits all solution. If you are ready to start the journey to your own self defense, give us a call. We provide consultations to discuss the options (armed and unarmed) and then walk you down the right path for the solution that works best for you.  


Are you looking to determine whether your gun is collectible or not? Your gun's value is determined by several factors and can vary wildly depending on these factors. 

Knowing the date of manufacture is one of the key elements in your gun's value.

Not looking to sell? Knowing the history of that family heirloom is important and gratifying. We have the resources to determine exactly when your firearm was manufactured and what it's worth. Come see us and stop wondering.

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